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Bonsai Gift Ideas for Summer Occasions

March 27, 2023General, Tools & Pots

Man holding a bonsai tree.

Bonsai gifts are perfect choices for special occasions when there is a bonsai enthusiast in your life. With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations and summer birthdays just around the corner, this article offers inspiration for a variety of gifts that bonsai lovers are sure to enjoy. If you happen to be the bonsai hobbyist, explore ideas for your own wish list!

Not surprisingly, spring and summer are the seasons that bonsai hobbyists are most active. In addition to shaping and repotting their trees, they often acquire new trees, pots and equipment. Whether you are the enthusiast or you have a bonsai lover in your life, its good to have a list of bonsai gift ideas handy in preparation for birthdays and other summer gift-giving occasions.

Are either of your parents into bonsai? With Mothers’ Day happening on May 14 this year and Fathers’ Day following a few weeks later on June 18, you may already be thinking about bonsai gift ideas for those special days.

Our list of bonsai-related products can provide inspiration for anyone looking for bonsai gift ideas. Check out the variety of fun and useful gift suggestions sure to please almost any enthusiast.

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Unique Bonsai Pots

Delight your favorite enthusiast with a special bonsai pot that represents a departure from the mainstream. The Wazakura pots highlighted here all come from Tokoname, a historical and renowned center of pottery production in Japan.

The Shigaraki Series Yellow Dust Stripe round pot, with its earthy tones and matte glaze, will add interest to the bonsai that calls it home. The coloring of this pot especially complements conifers and deciduous trees.

The dark grey and white Shigaraki Series Handmade Stripe pot is a good choice for all types of trees. This pot adds interest and elegance with its white stripe and the deliberate runs in its shiny glaze.

Both the yellow and grey round bonsai pots are available in two sizes – 6.5-inch diameter and 8.25-inch diameter.

The vertical stripes on this small Tokoname series handmade square bonsai pot add a touch of drama to the overall composition. At slightly more than 4-inches wide and a bit over 3 inches tall, this little pot is best suited for a small semi-cascade bonsai.

This small fan-shaped Tokoname Series pot definitely qualifies as a unique bonsai gift. This pot would work well for small group plantings, a single tree in a windswept style, or an accent planting.

Bonsai Water Pot

Speaking of unique pots, bonsai water pots have divided compartments within the same vessel. One side houses the bonsai tree and the other is filled with water to create a lakeside scene.

Delight the bonsai lover in your life with this five-year-old dwarf jade in a lovely blue water pot. Because dwarf jade is a bonsai plant that can be kept indoors, the recipient can enjoy this gift year-round. A humidity tray and decorative rocks are included.

This item ranks as one of the more fun bonsai gift ideas with the addition of the item we highlight next – fisherman figurines.

Pair of Fisherman Figurines

This duo of fishermen add playful interest and a touch of whimsy to a bonsai display. Perch them on the side of a water pot lake so it looks like they are successfully fishing under the shade of the bonsai tree.

Another option is to position the fisherman in a regular bonsai pot and use sand on top the soil to create the illusion of a pond. Use them together in the same pot or separately for twice the fun.

Juniper Bonsai in Setku Bowl

A 5-year-old juniper bonsai picturesquely planted in a setku donburi container makes a lovely bonsai gift idea that any enthusiast would cherish. Every tree and bowl combination is unique, earning the product many enthusiastic and positive reviews.


Who can’t use a new t-shirt, especially when it showcases your favorite hobby! This selection of shirts is sure to include something that your special bonsai enthusiast will enjoy.

This  fun shirt expresses a sentiment shared by pretty much all bonsai hobbyists – there’s always room for one more tree!

This shirt highlights, in a funny way, all the specialized tools used for different purposes within the hobby.

This “bonsai definition” design shirt boasts plenty of visual interest, along with an eloquent explanation of what the art entails.

This shirt keeps things simple with a lovely and elegant drawing of a literati-style, root-over-rock pine bonsai.

Folding Pruning Saw

A folding pruning saw is a classic bonsai tool often missing from many hobbyist’s tool collections.

This Japanese artisan-made folding saw features a 4″ carbon steel cutting blade that is plated to resist rust. When not in use, the blade folds handily into its wooden handle for safety and portability. The folded tool measures a little under 6″ long.

Heavy Duty Metal Plant Stand

Has your bonsai lover’s tree collection grown to the point that it needs some organization? This attractive plant stand looks great whether used indoors or out!

Fun Bonsai Pillows

Do you want to buy a bonsai gift, but aren’t quite sure what to choose? How about a fun throw pillow celebrating your special person’s favorite hobby?

The hand-sewn pillows highlighted here all display the sentiment on both sides and are all available in either a 16″ x 16″ or 18″ x 18″ size.

These “cooler mom and cooler dad” pillows say a lot. They clearly communicate that you think the hobby of bonsai makes Mom or Dad a more interesting person. These make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

This bright red pillow makes a great gift for any bonsai hobbyist for any occasion.

Is your bonsai enthusiast an introvert? If so, this might be the perfect fun pillow to gift them!

Pagoda Lantern

This solar-powered pagoda lantern offers a nice way to accentuate an outdoor bonsai display. Simply turn the lantern on, and place it in the garden to allow its solar cells to charge during daylight hours. When dark falls, the lantern lights automatically, providing 6-8 hours of illumination. The 10.5″ high-by-8.5-wide lantern is made of weather-resistant resin.

Plant rooter

Bonsai involves a lot of trimming, and what can you do with the cuttings? Make new bonsai!

This decorative plant rooter can help your favorite hobbyist turn their plant trimmings into rooted baby plants that can be planted in the garden or trained as small bonsai. Just fill the vessels with water, add cuttings, place in a sunny location and watch for the roots to develop.

These are just a few of the many bonsai gift ideas appropriate for devotees to the hobby. Happy shopping!

We’ve highlighted a number of unique bonsai-related items perfect for summer gift-giving occasions. Whether you are seeking bonsai gift ideas for your favorite enthusiast or are the bonsai lover yourself, suggestions cover a range of gift types and price points.

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